Roxanne Assoulin Afforgato Bracelet Set

    Roxanne Assoulin Afforgato Bracelet Set

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      Update Your Summer Looks By Adding This Beautiful Enamel Bracelet Set By Roxanne Assoulin,

      Team With Your Beach Cover UP and a Huge basket to Inject a Chic Vibe.

      Set of Three Ivory White Gold Tone Stretch Enamel Bracelet Set


      Our jewelry is happy but fragile due to the intrinsic nature of enamel, which has a tendency to chip under the wear and tear of everyday life.

      So here's what we suggest:

      • Keep your pieces high and dry, and avoid wearing them in the ocean, pool, or shower.
      • Be gentle with them & avoid banging against hard surfaces.
      • Give them a little rest every now and then, to let them recharge.

      We think a little character is a good thing. Our jewelry isn’t designed to be precious, but instead more like our friends who wear them.
      A little imperfect in the most perfect way. ❤️