The selection of beautiful fabrics, detailing and colours are the essence of every Masscob’s designs, that you can wear with older or modern collections. Fashionable and functional collections with a "classic twist" for modern, sophisticated women.

Masscob Habba Staw Hat


Masscob Arroyo Black Jumpsuit


Masscob Catalina Black Cotton Sweater


Masscoc Ona Knitted Sweater Sisal


Masscob Mulholland Lurex Knitted Pants


Masscob Balboa Blouse Marine blue


Masscob Edison Coat


Masscob Algar Linen Jacket


Masscob Pebble Pants Ombre Blue


masscob Aria Trousers


Masscob Sintra Black Blouse


Masscob Leather Plaited Belt Black


Masscob Black Leather Belt