The selection of beautiful fabrics, detailing and colours are the essence of every Masscob’s designs, that you can wear with older or modern collections. Fashionable and functional collections with a "classic twist" for modern, sophisticated women.

Masscob Sintra Black Blouse


Masscob Steven Black Wool Trousers


Masscob Logo T-Shirt


Masscob Casper Pea Coat


Masscob Rene Blouse


Masscob Warden Over Coat in Carbon


Masscob Walnut blazer


Masscob Nevado Black Knit


Masscob Grays Shirt Blue Stripe


Masscob Evanna Sweater


Masscob Leather Plaited Belt Black


Masscob Mavor Silk Blouse


Masscob Angus Knit


Masscob Maia Bralette


Masscob Esperantina Peach Dress


Masscob Melo Shirt


Masscob Black Leather Belt


Masscob Black Blouse